A disruptive factory creating the future of foods

With two factories in Finland, we develop and produce multiple products with the ambition of driving the shift to plant-based products. Sports nutrition, dairy alternatives, such as oat milk or shakes, and healthier on-the-go options are some of the products we can deliver.

The future of eating habits

In our qReads we dig into trends or happenings which are shaping the future of eating habits.

We help you succeed in functional foods.

Our flexible and modern production facilities have extensive possibilities; no matter if you are looking for an R&D partner to help you develop a product or if you have a ready specification.

How we can support you

Despite the essential competences and capabilities within R&D and manufacturing, we also have brand and marketing competences in house. This gives us the opportunity to help you target your products and brand towards the right people (customers and consumers), and also the possibility to hold consumer testing as part of the projects.

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