Meet Foodiq

We are born Nordic, based in Helsinki. Our network extends over multiple markets.

Who we are

Foodiq was born 2015 when our founders Robert and Jani got the idea of a factory focusing on sport nutrition and powders. In 2019 Foodiq expanded to the plant-based dairy products as our second factory was opened.

Today we employ 30 people within our headquarters and two factories in Helsinki metropolitan area. Our growth continues strong and this year we are expanding our production to UK in order to better serve our global customer base.

How we work

We want to drive the shift towards plant-based products and support the growth of brands with great ideas. Thus our ambition is to enable food brands to provide sustainable vegan options for dairy products and sports nutrition to the market. 

We believe in partnership and working together. For us, customer centricity is about seeing each other’s competences and combining them with our skills and capabilities to achieve the desired results. Partnership means transparency and daring to challenge each other.


We have a wide span of customers, both Nordic and global, brands as well as retailers. Our customer base ranges from small start-ups to big international enterprises.