Customer Story: ChiaBuddy

The first oat-based chia pudding in Europe

Finnish innovation ChiaBuddy is the first oat-based chia pudding in Europe. It is a perfect snack for those who love to use healthy chia seeds in their diet but do not want to spend time soaking and preparing. Besides the unflavored chia pudding, there are also several flavors in selection. ChiaBuddy has been developed and produced at Foodiq since the beginning.

The story

Chia Food Company’s Founder and CEO Salla Lundelin turned to Foodiq at the beginning of the year 2020. She had had an idea of a new product that she wanted to turn into reality. Salla had heard that Foodiq had just opened a plant-based dairy factory that would suit her needs. The product development started with a project brief about the preferences that Chia Food Company had for the new product. Foodiq took care of the development process and they had a few tastings during the process. After few months everyone was perfectly happy with the product, and production could start. The first oat-based chia pudding was launched in October 2020 and named ChiaBuddy. Today you can buy it from several grocery stores across Finland.