Finding the right food package and look for your product

A food package has two main requirements: it has to preserve the product well and it has to look attractive to the consumers. Gabriella Åfeldt, the Head of Supply Chain and Sourcing of our customer Oatlaws, told us about her point of view to food packaging.

Gabriella, how do you start choosing the food package for a new product?

– We start by checking the options as well as competitor packaging. Often when you start a new brand, you want to make the barrier to trial as low as possible and for the consumers to recognize the product. That means a crème fraiche should be in a “crème fraiche packaging” etc. The packaging needs to fit with the brand’s look and feel.

What are the factors that affect the choice?

– Sustainability aspects are always important, as are naturally the factory capabilities, brand fit, look and feel, plus the competitor landscape.

How does the look of the package impact the sales?

– The look of the food package is a big part of the look of the product and hence the micro marketing. The consumer needs to feel appealed by the packaging. It plays an important role in the whole brand platform. We have just rebranded some of our products and are waiting eagerly for the results!

What should one consider when branding a new product or rebranding an existing one?

– The product and its packaging need to deliver the brand message when standing in the shelf. It should be coherent with the brand platform and it should speak to the consumer. It’s great if some of the differentiators can be communicated on pack, to strengthen the message of “why choose me”.

How Foodiq has helped you in the process of choosing the packages and looks for your products?

– Foodiq is of course involved in the process all the way, since it needs to be compatible with the production capabilities on the production lines. We are in a joint learning journey towards more sustainable packaging!

Do you have questions about how to choose the right food package and look? Are you thinking of how to make the most ecological choice? You can always turn to Foodiq and we will help you every step of the way!

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