We can take your food production to a new level! – Interview with Foodiq’s CEO Robert Savikko

– For me, our greatest achievement is, that we have developed vegan dairy products, that contain no artificial ingredients and are seasoned only with natural flavors. It is innovations like these, that we can offer to companies in the food industry, says Robert Savikko, Foodiq’s CEO. We discussed with him Foodiq’s roots and the company’s plans for the future.

Innovative food production, based on customer needs

Robert Savikko has been involved in sports nutrition and functional foods for over twenty years. When Jani Uusi-Ristaniemi, who in his turn knows superfoods, contacted him and suggested to combine their powers, he was all in! A lot has happened since.

The original idea of Foodiq was to start manufacturing superfoods and sports nutrition (powders and other dry products) in a new factory for a variety of customers, but on customers’ conditions.

– Many manufacturers offer strictly predefined production for their customers, but we wanted to be customer-oriented. That means, that we would adapt our production according to customer’s needs. The original idea also included planning and branding, the whole package. We wanted to be a one-stop shop, and that is, how we do work now, says Robert Savikko.

– Both Jani and I have been in the customer’s shoes for a long time, so we know the challenges on their end. This is why we can serve others in the best possible way.

Foodiq has evolved

The idea of Foodiq was born in 2015, how has the company changed since?

— When we first started, it was a lot about coming up with new products for different brands and answering our customers’ needs. We produced dry products, mainly protein powders and superfoods. However quite quickly we noticed that there was some white space in the market. There were not many factories producing a new type of innovative products, especially for the plant-based segment. Our ambition of bringing delicious plant-based options and cleaner products to the market began to crystallize. We decided to set up our second factory that would focus only on plant-based products. A wet line, that can produce all kinds of plant-based puddings, shakes, smoothies etc.

Foodiq has also created new ways to cover their customer’s needs for research and development.

–  We know, that it is crucial for companies to make new, strong innovations. This is why we created an innovation hub called Qhub, so that companies could outsource their product development to us. We are a strong partner that can cover all areas of R&D and manufacturing.

– For me, our greatest achievement until now is that we have developed products that have no artificial ingredients and are seasoned only with natural flavors, like fruits and berries. This is a huge thing! We are also developing natural fermented vegan cooking products at full speed.

Bright future awaits

Foodiq has had a strong start, where do you want to go in the future?

– We want to be in the forefront together with Oatly in driving the shift to plant based diet. Besides the Nordics, we aim to conquer the international market. This year we are already expanding to UK, and the journey will continue.

When Foodiq evolves, it does not want to forget its goals and mission.

– In our future, I see especially strong product development and innovation. We can help companies in the food industry and remember our mission to make this world a better place to live in. We all need to eat in a more environmentally friendly way, and our plant-based innovations can help with that. Plus, of course our products taste good and they are good for your health!

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