Choosing environmentally friendly food should be made easy

The use of plant-based food products is rising constantly in Europe. Also, their production is uphill, and new, innovative products are being developed. This should be seen as a positive tendency from the environmental point of view, as the European Union has set strict goals to reduce carbon emissions. However, it is quite contrary, that the EU is now planning to restrict drastically marketing and even packaging of plant-based dairy alternatives.

The restrictions are connected to Amendment 171 that was adopted by the European Parliament in October 2020. If the amendment goes forward, it will certainly make it harder for consumers to make climate-friendly choices effortlessly in their daily life.

What is Amendment 171?

Amendment 171 is said to be protecting consumers and ensuring clear information for them so that they would not confuse dairy products with similar looking non-dairy products. At the moment it is already prohibited to use words as “milk” or “cheese” in the marketing of a non-dairy product.

This should be enough and make it clear for consumers, but Amendment 171 might go as far as prohibiting the use of a picture of glass with a white drink on an oat drink package. Further it might restrict the marketing of vegan products with product descriptions like “non-dairy” or “creamy texture”.

Amendmet 171 can be stopped

Amendment 171 is not in line with the general objectives of the European Union that strive for reducing greenhouse gas emissions drastically. Reaching the goal requires support for vegan food product development and encouraging Europeans to change their eating habits into a more sustainable diet. Restricting the promotion of plant-based products does not help in reaching these important goals.

European Council can still prevent Amendment 171 from being adopted, this is why we need to take action, too! If you want to send an important message to the decision-makers, please sign under petition at