Consumers positive about vegan protein sources

We have seen the rise of vegan protein sources during the past years, and there is no downturn in sight. Consumers are more and more conscious about how the food they eat impacts their health and the environment.

The rise of vegan protein sources

In 2020 we did research together with Makery (read more about the research in Finnish), and asked Finns, how they relate to food and grocery shopping. We asked if people see animal proteins and plant-based proteins as equals, and 49 % said they did, only 11 % totally disagreed. 30 % said they prefer food products that contain vegan proteins, and we believe this group of people is growing constantly.

This trend is seen not only in Finland. Nowadays it is quite common to be a vegan or vegetarian, but also many mixed eaters have decided to eat less meat. Usually, they are concerned about their health or the impacts of meat production on animals or the environment. During the Covid-19 crisis, it was also spotted in the US, that people were starting to avoid animal meat because they got concerned about animal-borne illnesses.

The same report, conducted by Meticulous Research and quoted by Plant Based News, says that the plant-based market would grow at a CAGR of 11,9 % from 2020 for the next seven years. We think this kind of growth of the market and specifically the use of vegan protein sources is necessary when we take into consideration the growth of the world population and think about how much more protein will be needed during the next decades just to keep everyone fed.

Your trusted partner in vegan foods

If someone in the food industry has not yet taken into consideration these trends and consumers’ perception about vegan protein sources, now is the time. As the perception is mainly positive, there is no need to avoid plant-based proteins in your food production.

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