Qhub for modern food product research and development

To make food product development easier, Foodiq has an innovation hub called Qhub. We are here to help you to turn your idea into a commercial product, or to make your existing product into a greener and cleaner one!

Foodiq is specialized in plant-based dairy and dry goods to support your wellbeing. These are the areas we mainly work in at Qhub, but we are surely willing to conquer any challenges. Qhub is led with trends and data to ensure that we are always in the front-line of the industry.

Our knowledge at your service

We created Qhub, because we wanted to serve our customers better and in a comprehensive way. We saw that many start-ups, entrepreneurs, and even established food producers had certain challenges. We wanted to provide customers a real turn-key solution for innovation and R&D, that ends up with a production ready product.

Our team has strong experience in the food industry and especially in the field of vegetarian products, superfoods, and sports nutrition. Besides our own project leaders and superstars of food product development, our partner network is extensive.

Why choose Qhub for food product development?

Our fortes are

  • Massive recipe bank and years of experience form the industry
  • Strong innovation
  • Agile R&D and production
  • Own factories in Finland

What do we provide for our customers?

  • new innovative products – especially plant-based and clean label
  • cleaning up your label or making changes to existing recipes
  • consumer testing and market research
  • help with packaging and package markings

This means we can help you in every step of the journey towards totally new products or better versions of the existing products.

Qhub has already served our customers in various ways. We have developed for example some outstanding and brand new fermented vegan dairy products, such as crème fraiche and yogurt bases with no cow’s milk or any e-codes!

Want to know more or kick off food product development with us? Contact us, and we’ll lead your every step of the way!